Performing Arts: Dance
July 9, 2021
A slew of on-line performances are drawing audiences from all corners of the universe. In a recent contribution from the Joyce Theater, #QueertheBallet embraces simplicity and affection in the premiere of Animals and Angels. And although I didn't see animalistic images, I did see two very self-assured, gentle dancers speak in the fullness of ballet.

Choreographed by Adriana Pierce and sensitively filmed by Emma Penrose, the ballet is perfumed with images of new love dusted in shyness and anticipation. Dressed in creamy white and tan casual pants and tops, Audrey Malek and Cortney Taylor-Key's pointwork is nearly imperceptible because it grows out of a completely organic movement structure.

The dancers face each other, hands entwined and silently rise on point, strolling across the space. Legs fan out, and arms entwine in supportive back drops and balances. Reminiscent of the blue morning light, when everything smells fresh, the duet quickly makes its mark to the music of Olubukola Oladokun performed by Joy Oladokum.

Created, performed and filmed entirely by a team of LGBTQ+ artists, Animals and Angels would be a welcomed addition to any ballet company.
The ballet can be streamed through July 18 on the Joyce website.

EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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