Performing Arts: Dance
December 2, 2021
Evocative visuals and non sequitur text channeled through inventive choreography arouses existential images that come in and out of focus in Annie-B Parson's Mood Room at Bam Fishman Theater.

A family of dancers, Elizabeth DeMent, Kate Moran, Michelle Sui, and Myssi Robinson, and Michelle Sui confidently speak and move throughout the dreamlike performance.  Japanese inspired cream and pastel colored outfits set against a predominantly white set (Lauren Machen) contributed to the dreamy content. 

According to the program notes, Mood Room is based on Five Sisters by Guy de Cointet with additional text from Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov with a dash of Reganisms clarion call to indulge in a materialistic society.

The cast riffs on looks and acquisitions, environmental disasters, self-indulgence but mostly it's a sensual, movement theater production that's seductive in its mystery and perplexing in its dramaturgical stream-of-consciousness.

Whenever the performers fall into a movement sequence of simple rolls, hand waves and natural gestures primed through a distinctive, nonchalant style -- energy sparks. The dancing speaks more crisply, daringly and intimately than the text.

For those feeling comfortable about entering theaters in this time of transmissible COVID variants, Mood Foom at BAM's Fishman Theater is worth your time. 
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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