Performing Arts: Dance
June 11, 2017
Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) hosted dancer Jenny Campbell, choreographer/dancer Jody Sperling, visual artist/magic-lanterns Amy-Claire Huestis and sonic composition/video artist Omar Zubair for “Book of Clouds: Durational Iteration.” Given her decades recreating and experimenting with the innovative art of Loie Fuller (1862-1928), any of Sperling’s current experiments with movement and projections paled next to the sight of Campbell swirling voluminous gray fabric with hand held sticks, as Fuller did so originally. Being in BAC’s John Cage & Merce Cunningham Studio made the chance slaps of the projected red sun on the fabric that much more magical.

The 10 or so attendees or were asked to lie on the floor during the projections of children playing a game similar to blind man’s bluff on a center projection, sided by two projections of clouds topped with a layer of sticks, as though you were seeing the clouds, obstructed by foliage of some kind.

Departing from the cloud imagery, a black scribbling came up on the three rectangular projected space while Campbell and Sperling walked calmly in a shin length dresses punctuated with three stripes of black, white and grey. Their silhouettes merged as one when their shoulders came into line.

Stripped down to white tights and a white fur jacked, Sperling held a rectangular image at hip level while passing in front of the three projectors and then going behind to slip it into view. This oddly ceremonial choreography was enacted with each barefoot dropped heavily, like a cow girl going about her chores. The audience was invited to witness the creation of the images, much as we sit to watch a sushi chef. As the color wheel spun, so did our imagination as to just what can be done with light, color, movement, and shape.
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