Performing Arts: Dance
March 24, 2022
You have only four days to experience Mark Morris' sublime L'Allegro el Penseroso ed il Moderato performed to music by MMDG music ensemble, conducted by Colin Fowler and joined by the choir of Trinity Wall Street.

The imprint of L'Allegro on the modern dance community is profound. Delightful in its musicality and powerfully rhythmic accents, Morris masterfully toys with Handel's music -- which he oversees as much as the dance.

Climbing up and over each other, the spatial design enrichesĀ the soul-satisfying, intricate choreography.

More than 50% of the company includes new dancers, but regardless of their tenure, Morris shapes and sharpens each individual's form at the BAM Opera House.

Bodies clump togetherĀ  forming corporal scenography resembling trees and hills gracing sylvan gardens. True joy imbues L'Allegro, a dance not easily forgotten.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY - Celia Ipiotis

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