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December 20, 2019
Pasta Grannies by Vicky Bennison is one of those heart-warming books that light up the appetite with straight-forward but inventive recipes framed by charming stories describing the the women behind the recipes, their homes and villages.

Although the idea of making one's own pasta might seem daunting, the down-to earth manner in which the information is presented makes all the receipts feel imminently doable.

Violetta's Maccheroni With Kid Ragu is a play on the usual macaroni and red beef sauce dish. Only this employs kid or lamb in place of beef that imparts a much more flavorful taste. Most ingredients are easy to score, but many of the pastas require semolina flour which now-a-days is easily found on any grocery store shelf.

Interestingly, many of the pasta recipes do not require a fancy past machine. Your hands become your most important implement. Inside the book is a stand-alone pamphlet that introduces all the talented nonne (grandmothers) describing their villages, habits, families, homes and love of food.
EYE ON THE ARTS, NY -- Celia Ipiotis

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